Junior Golf Learning ZONE!
Beginner Tips & Tricks

Here are some golf etiquette tips and beginner tips to help you improve your golf game. Golf etiquette is very important on the golf course, and that is why it is considered a traditional part of the game and makes golf more pleasant and fun for everyone! It is also important for safety purposes, and should try to learn them as soon as possible. Here are some golf etiquette tips and beginner tips to help you improve.

  • You should always stand quietly and never walk or move while others are playing.
  • Remember to always stand to the right of the shot and never behind a player. This is vital for safety.
  • Be aware of others playing.
  • Invite other golfers to play through by standing aside and waving them through. Once you have waved them through, let them go.
  • Make practice swings ONLY when there's no chance that you'll disturb another golfer and always remember, NEVER HAVE PRACTICE SWINGS ON A TEE.
  • When playing from a bunker, you should always replace divots, rake, and repair any pitch marks or damage. All you have to do to repair or replace it, is pick up the chunk of turf and gently press it back in place: and don't worry it will grow back on its own.
  • Be punctual on the first tee.
  • On the putting green, don't stand or walk on the line of another players shot.
  • Always try to keep it moving so that other players are not delayed.
  • Never hit into a group of people! If you accidentally hit a ball towards someone, call out "fore!" If you ever hear someone shout "fore," bend over and cover your head with your arms.
  • Never place your clubs in a bunker.

Slice - Most golfers struggle with the banana slice. A way to help is when you take the club back on your back swing, keep your club face inside the target line and follow through the same way. This should help your slice.

Shanks - Keep your weight toward your heel and keep it there throughout the swing. Stand a bit further from the ball. Be sure you’re alignment is parallel to the target. The V’s formed by your hands on the grip should point between your right shoulder and right eye. Your swing path should come more from the inside with the release of the club down the target line.

(If your right-handed) Try dropping your right foot back about 6 inches, this will cause you to round out your swing instead of slicing across the ball, causing side spun, which causes it to slice. Look behind the ball about 8 inches through the whole swing. This will keep your shoulders square at impact. Also, tee the ball a little lower and put it 3 inches inside your front foot.